There are two main car parks for customers visiting Brean Theme Park .
These are South Road car park, across the road from our Go Kart track, and Brean Leisure Park car park which is next to the Brean Splash/Play buildng.

South Road Car Park is open from 8am to 11pm, the parking charges are £3 for up to two hours, £4.50 for up to four hours, and £5.50 for over four hours.

Brean Leisure Park car park will start charging from March 30th, when the first market day of the season is being held, and the charge will be £4 for an all day ticket. The charging period is from 8am to midnight. Please note that those customers with blue/orange badges must still pay for parking, though there are specific parking bays for their use.

Customers at both sites must enter their registration numbers correctly into the car park machines when buying tickets for validation, as the machines are linked to an ANPR system (Automatic Number Plate Registration).
Please observe all rules/terms as stated on the displayed signage, and please be aware that if you're simply dropping off/picking up, there is a 10 minute grace period before the ANPR system thinks it hasn't received payment after taking a photo of your registration plate, and issues a fine of £100.

Machines are cash only, though customers can use the RINGO app to pay via credit/debit card.

Please note that the parking is operated by Smart Parking on behalf of Brean Leisure Park Ltd. Their helpline number is 0845 230 3081. Their full terms and conditions are available in here.
All parking enquiries should be directed to Smart Parking, as Brean Theme Park ourselves have no control over the operation of the car parks.

Plenty of places to eat and drink

With all the excitement that a day out at family favourite Brean Theme Park brings, you’ll need to recharge your batteries. From a full meal to a simple snack and coffee, you’ll find plenty of choice including burgers and hotdogs, tempting hot doughnuts, cooling ice creams and sweeties galore. There really is something for everyone at Brean Theme Park.

This guide has been designed to assist all our guests to ensure that you have a safe and fun packed day out. We want all our guests to make the most of their visit to the park and enjoy as many of our rides and attractions as possible. This guide will give you a full and realistic picture of our rides and attractions, detailing access, ride requirements and details of evacuations. Hopefully this, along with general ride advice on signage at the rides, will enable you to assess your own abilities and make an informed decision about which rides and attractions you are able to, or wish to use.

The Disabled car park is situated approximately 150m from the main gate. All ground level and tarmac laid.
Disabled parking is clearly marked and available to blue badge holders only, but please be aware that there are no concessions re parking charges.

Buying Tickets/Entering the Park
Those guests who are unable to get on and off a ride or attraction unassisted, or those who require close supervision, are allowed a discounted wristband for their Helper at £10 each, when the guest pays for a wristband.
A helper must be over 16 years of age and of sufficient fitness to be capable of assisting the guest with the disability. The helper would be expected to understand the disabled person’s condition and assist them in managing it for the duration of the visit; eg, if the disabled person finds communication difficult, the helper would be expected to take responsibility for ensuring the disabled person is aware of relevant safety information displayed on our signage or communicated by P.A. systems.
For the safety of the guest and the Brean Theme Park staff, if the disabled guest requires lifting, this will be the responsibility of the Helper(s).
The Helper wristband entitles the wearer access to rides only when accompanying the person being cared for, and only for the day of issue.
The issuance of Helper wristbands is based upon documentary proof of disability, such as:
1. Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance award letter (dated within the last 24 months).
2. Personal Independence Payment letter (dated within the last 24 months).
3. A current and valid Blue Badge with photo.
4. Letter from GP or consultant (dated within the last 24 months) confirming the need for a full time carer. This does not need to be a letter of diagnosis.
PLEASE NOTE – All documentation must be accompanied with photo identification.
Our policy is designed to accommodate all disabilities, some of which are not easily identifiable and therefore to avoid any unintentional offence, ID is requested on all occasions.

Both the Helper and the guest with the disability must satisfy each ride’s height restrictions, and Brean Theme Park’s usual terms & conditions apply at all times.
Sorry, but due to the nature of the rides, we cannot offer a Fast Track queueing system.

Park Guest Information
Any Token Booth staff will be able to assist you, however there is also a Park Information desk situated next to the Bumpy Slide. at the top end of the Park. The Park  Information desk will be able to advise on rides and restrictions, and anything further you might wish to know. If you encounter any problems during your visit please visit this Guest Information Desk.

Accessible toilets are available just outside of the Park gates adjoining the Pavilion Food Court. Please see the park map or ask a member of staff for directions.

Assistance/Guide Dogs
Assistance and Guide dogs are welcome on the Park. They will not be permitted to accompany guests onto rides. They must not be left unattended at any time.

First Aid
The First Aid room is located in at the Park Information desk situated next to the Bumpy Slide. There will be qualified First Aiders on duty at all times when the Park is in operation. Please notify any member of staff who will be pleased to assist you, and call a First Aider to where required.

Ride Access
All our rides are accessed via steps, i.e. there are no flat approaches. Please note; having a disability does not automatically qualify guests to receive entry to the front of the queue, as, due to the nature of the rides, we do not operate a ‘Fast Track’ system.

Ride Safety
All ride terms and conditions must be adhered to at all times i.e. height restrictions, which are stated at the entrance of each ride. It is the responsibility of all guests to check these before deciding to ride. Guests with heart, neck or back conditions, or expectant mothers are strongly reminded that some rides are unsuitable, and we strongly recommend that guests who have recently undergone surgery do not ride on certain rides. Not all rides are suitable for all guests. Each ride has strict operating requirements that all riders must meet. Our staff are trained in disability awareness and basic communication skills, however they are not trained in assisting or lifting or transferring disabled guests. We suggest that all guests watch our rides in motion before deciding whether to ride. Please note that all ride requirements have been put in place for the safety of our customers. If you are denied access onto a ride and wish to dispute the fact please visit the Park Information office where someone will be able to help you resolve the issue.

Food And Drink Outlets
If you require any help or assistance whilst wishing to order food or drink please ask a member of staff to assist you and they will be happy to help. At Brean Theme Park we pride ourselves on providing a fun and safe day out for all our visitors. If you wish to make any comments on how we can improve our service and facilities please visit the Park Information desk or visit our website for all our contact details,

Customer toilets are located next to the Pavilion Foodcourt, just outside the main gates.

Customer Services
The Park Information office is situated at the top end of the Park, next to the Bumpy Slide, for all park enquiries and First Aid. This can deal with all enquiries, complaints or wristband related issues.

First Aid
There is a main first aid room at the Park Information office, first aid kits are spread throughout the park and emergency response first aiders are always on call.

Lost Children
We have a park wide public address system which we use to help locate parents or lost children directing them to return to a secure location.

Seating is available throughout the park. Picnic tables are provided near food outlets.

The park operates a no smoking policy. Ashtrays are provided outside the main gates.

The Park does not allow the consumption of alcohol onsite, whether from bottles, cans or plastic cups.

Wheeled Transport
Please note that bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates etc are not permitted to be ridden in the Park, on the grounds of Health and Safety.
Mobility scooters and wheelchairs are permitted.

Dress Code
Please note that all visitors are required to wear a shirt/top at all times, along with suitable footwear. In the interests of hygiene, socks must be worn on certain rides.

Brean Theme Park is committed to ensuring that all our employees are treated with dignity and respect. We will therefore not tolerate any form of violence or aggression by our guests which may affect our staff or the enjoyment of our other guests. Admission will be refused or the guest will be escorted from the Park without right to refund.
We will also not tolerate any form of aggression or any act or threat of violence to a member of our staff or guest at the Park. If such an incident should occur, steps will be taken to evict the person from the Park and if necessary the Police will be called. Examples of threatening or violent behaviour include:

  • Intimidation such as shouting or swearing.
  • Threatening behaviour in the form of verbal threats, gestures and obstruction etc.
  • Possession of any weapon, regardless of the lack of any overt threat to use it.
  • Being incapable whilst under the influence of drink & / or drugs.
  • Any unwanted physical contact.
  • Personal insults.
  • Sexual or racial harassment.

Please click here for our complete terms and conditions.