Here at Brean Theme Park we offer three types of wristbands:
The Megaband, Junior Band and Tot band.
Please note we operate them all on height, not age, and they allow a person to ride as many times as they want from the moment the band is fitted until closing time on that day. As each wristband is fitted securely to the individual, and a security stamp applied, they cannot be swapped around or transferred.
The Megaband is designed for anyone 1.2m and over, and you can ride everything (except for Go Karts, Congo Adventure Golf and the Prize Games, which are cash only) as long as you’re over the minimum height for any ride (0.8m), and below the maximum height, if applicable.
The Junior wristband allows you to ride all the RED rides, and all the ORANGE Tot rides as well. You need to be over 1.0m, and up to 1.19m.
Please note that some rides in this section have a minimum height restriction of 1.1m.
The Tot wristband allows you to ride all the Tot rides, and you need to be at least 0.8m (the minimum height for any ride) up to approx 1.0m. Please note though that most of the Tot rides have a maximum height restriction of 1.4m. Anyone taller can only ride the Caterpillar, Pony Express, Looney Tunes and the Farm Train.

Megabands cost £27.50 (£5 off on Orange days and after 4pm on Blue days), Junior bands cost £22.50 (£5 off on Orange days and after 4pm on Blue days)
Tot bands cost £17.50
(£5 off on Orange days and after 4pm on Blue days)

If you think you’ll visit again within a couple of days, why not get a 2 Day band? These allow you to return within three days of your first visit – so if you first come on a Monday, your return visit can be on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – and you save money too! And if you want a go on the Adventure Golf, Go Karts or Prize Games, why not upgrade your band for £5 – great value!

All these bands can be booked online by clicking HERE , but please remember, Tesco vouchers can only be used when you’re here at the Token Booths, and not online.

If you have any problems with a wristband, in the first instance please return to the Token Booth where it was fitted, and the cashier will be pleased to help you.