What age is the Megaband for?

At Brean Theme Park, we operate on height, not age. The Megaband is designed for anyone over 1.2m, and allows unlimited riding on all the attractions (except for Go Karts and Congo Adventure Golf) as long as the customer is over the required 0.8m minimum height (and below the maximum height, if applicable). It is valid for one person for one day, and is not transferable.

What age is the Junior band for?

At Brean Theme Park, we operate on height, not age. The Junior band is for those guests between 1.0m and 1.19m tall and allows unlimited riding on those rides that have a minimum height of 1.1m and below (including the Sooty Tot rides). It is valid for one person for one day, and is not transferable. Please be advised that there are four rides with a minimum height of 1.0m and the other four rides have a minimum height of 1.1m.

What age is the Sooty Tot band for?

At Brean Theme Park, we operate on height, not age. The Sooty Tot band allows our smaller customers to unlimited rides on the Sooty Tot rides only (although the child may be tall enough to ride other attractions) and must be at least 0.8m tall (the minimum height for any ride.) The bands are not suitable for people over 1.4m, except for the Caterpillar Coaster, Farm Train, Looney Tunes and Pony Express, due to the nature of the rides. It is valid for one person for one day, and is not transferable.
Please also note that socks must be worn to be able to ride the Trampolines and Inflatable Slide.

What does the wristband include?

Dependent on which wristband you have chosen, this entitles you to ride as many times as you wish on any ride which is included in your wristband and subject to the appropriate height restriction.

What are the options for wristbands or tokens?

Brean Theme Park is a free admission Park, therefore you only pay if you ride. There are two options; you may either purchase one of our three types of wristbands (dependant on height) which will entitle you to ride as many of the rides included in your chosen wristband as many times as you wish. Or if you would like to ride on a select few of the rides, tokens are also available to be spent on a Pay As You Go basis.
The 2 Day band is for two visits, the second of which must be used within three days of the first. Therefore if your first visit is on a Sunday, the second visit must be on either the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday immediately after.
Please remember to keep your Return Visit voucher safe, as you’ll need it for presenting at the token booth for your second visit.

Sooty Meet & Greets

Want to meet Richard and Sooty, in the fur! They’ll be on the park during school holidays on the following Wednesdays in 2018 — April 11th, May 30th, August 8th and October 31st, at 4pm (in place of the Mascot Meet & Greet)
It’s totally free, there’s no need to book – just turn up early, as it’s operated on a queuing system.
As it takes place outdoors, don’t forget to wrap up warm if the weather’s a little chilly!
Why not visit the Sooty Museum as well, and take a look at some of the iconic props used in the filming of The Sooty Show, including Sooty’s camper van!

Unity Discounts

If you’re staying at Holiday Resort Unity or Brean Leisure Park, you’re entitled to great discounts off the price of your wristbands!
Simply take your white Privilege Passes to Reception at either Unity or Brean Leisure Park (by the entrance to the Tavern), and ask for your wristband vouchers — you’ll get £5 off a Megaband, £4 off a Junior band or £3 off a Sooty Tot band. Then take your vouchers and privilege passes to any token booth to get your discounted bands!
If you only want tokens you can get 12 tokens for the price of 10! Again, just ask for your voucher at either Reception and take it to the Park with your pass.
Please note that Unity discounts cannot be used with any other offer – eg for Fireworks half price nights, the 2 Day wristbands, or with any money off coupons.

What happens if it rains?

If it rains whilst we’re open, a few of the rides may have to close, as they may become too wet to operate safely. For example, the Bumpy Slide may become too slippery, and the Go Karts, which operate on dry weather tyres (slicks) also start sliding around too much. If we experience thunder and lightning, then we close all the rides temporarily until the storm has passed, in order to guard against the possibility of lightning strikes.

If the weather is forecast to be heavy rain all day, then the decision may be taken by the Management to either delay the Park’s opening time, or not to open at all. In either case we will immediately post the information on both our Facebook page and our Twitter page, and also on the scrolling banner on the homepage.

Why is the minimum height for any ride 0.8m?

The minimum height is 0.8m because we believe that most children above this height are able to sit up unaided, grip the available bars/handholds and are able to brace themselves against any forces produced by the ride.

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