Unity Discounts

If you’re staying at Holiday Resort Unity or Brean Leisure Park, you’re entitled to great discounts off the price of your wristbands!
Simply take your white Privilege Passes to Reception at either Unity or Brean Leisure Park (by the entrance to the Tavern), and ask for your wristband vouchers — you’ll get £5 off a Megaband, £4 off a Junior band or £3 off a Sooty Tot band. Then take your vouchers and privilege passes to any token booth to get your discounted bands!
If you only want tokens you can get 12 tokens for the price of 10! Again, just ask for your voucher at either Reception and take it to the Park with your pass.
Please note that Unity discounts cannot be used with any other offer – eg for Fireworks half price nights, the 2 Day wristbands, or with any money off coupons.

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